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Spiritual call to action We need a supernatural intervention to uproot the cancer of globalism, eugenics, slavery, and trans-humanism To merit divine help, humanity must observe God’s laws that were given to our common ancestor Noah. The flood waters will keep rising unless we: 1. Accept the one true God that gives humanity life every instant of time with love 2. Reject the false gods of science, technology, money, power, depraved sociopathic oligarchs, and corrupt governments. They will NOT save us 3. Accept basic societal morality of not murdering, stealing, or adultery 4. Restore a legal system that respects the rule of law and justice 5. Respect God’s world and its creatures Simple but essential. This is a war against demonic forces that society has created through: -worship of false gods -Murder of the unborn -Desecration of marriage and gender -codifying immorality into law -theft -baseless hatred of fellow man Let’s start a world wide movement of reconciliation with God and our fellow…

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DATE AL DIAVOLO UN BIMBO PER CENA ,analisi delle canzone di Lorenzo Jovanotti di Giorgio Di Salvo

DATE AL DIAVOLO UN BIMBO PER CENA ,analisi delle canzone di Giorgio Di Salvo puntata n 15 Se vuoi sostenere il progetto Life New ti chiedo un piccolo gesto per aiutarmi nella ricerca: PayPal : PostePay : Giorgio Di Salvo 4023 6009 7513 7409 CF : DSLGRG79D30G273H Articolo segnalato da LEGGI L'ARTICOLO COMPLETO

Burioni e Pregliasco contro gli antinfiammatori

Ecco cosa dicevano "gli esperti" riguardo le cure sul Covid-19. Utilizzando gli antinfiammatori come suggerito da alcuni medici, quante persone si sarebbero potute salvare, in quanti non sarebbero morti e quanti non avrebbero mai messo piede in un ospedale? Si sarebbe potuto, FORSE, evitare TUTTO Articolo segnalato da LEGGI L'ARTICOLO COMPLETO

Alarming New Report from Working Group of Vaccine Analysis in Germany and Other Countries

From the report: The COVID-19 vaccination programs must be stopped immediately The German Working Group for COVID Vaccine Analysis has made its initial findings publicly available in a wide-ranging report: 1. Articolo segnalato da LEGGI L'ARTICOLO COMPLETO

Press Release : “Brillouin Energy Corp Demonstrates CleanTech Licensable Solid State Fusion Boiler System at the 24th Annual International Conference on Cold Fusion ( July 25th – 28th”

Thanks to the readers who posted a link to the following press release from Brillouin Energy Corporation: Articolo segnalato da LEGGI L'ARTICOLO COMPLETO