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Importante lista di documenti declassificati: Wuhan, al-Qaeda, Hunter, brogli, HRC, Epstein, 9/11, Flynn, Traffico umano, Mockingbird media, JFK, CIA-MSM

Documenti provenienti, per la maggior parte, da siti governativi. 

Basterebbe la lettura approfondita di parte di questi documenti per 'risvegliare' anche i più addormentati, se mai vorranno farlo.

1-17-20 DECLAS ombudsman report on politicization of intelligence on foreign election threats

1-17-21 DECLAS DNI Ratcliffe ICA Foreign Threats to 2020 Election

1-15-21 DECLAS FISA Abuse Investigation 11 Transcripts

1-15-20 State Department - Activity at the Wuhan Institute of Virology

1-15-20 Long List of Trump Administration Accomplishments

1-12-20 DECLAS NSC Indo-Pacific Strategy on China

12-29-20 REPORT: Senate Investigation Finds Obama Admin Knowingly Funded al-Qaeda Affiliate,%2012-23-20,%20Memo%20on%20World%20Vision%20Investigation.pdf

12-23-20 FBI DECLAS E-Mails Hunter Biden Burma

12-17-20 DECLAS Peter Strzok Texts - Spying on Trump BEFORE CrossfireHurricane

12-17-20 Navarro Election Report All Three Volumes

12-16-20 Amistad Project on Election Oligarch Zuckerberg

12-14-20 Forensic Analysis Dominion, Antrim County, Michigan

12-8-20 Senate Homeland Security & Finance Committees report on Hunter Biden

12-6-20 DECLAS Emails About Fusion GPS Thumb Drive

12-4-20 VOTER FRAUD Infographic Epoch Times

12-3-20 FBI Texts - Jennifer Boone

12-3-20 DECLAS Russia Hoax Docs Part 1

12-3-20 Russia Hoax Docs Part 2

12-3-20 Russia Hoax Docs Part 3

11-26-20 The 4 Year Long Campaign Against DJT Infographic

Hunter Biden Files

11-18-20 Supplement to Report on Potential Conflicts of Interest Stemming from Biden Family Foreign Business Arrangements

10-12-20 DECLAS 94 pg FBI effort to try and corroborate Steele Dossier

Jim Comey Ignored State Department Whistleblower On Hillary's Crimes With Classified Material

10-9-20 DECLAS State Dept Emails Top Officials - Christopher Steele

10-7-20 DECLAS Eric Ciaramella Email

10-6-20 DECLAS former CIA Director John Brennan Handwritten Notes

10-6-20 DECLAS Formal CIA Referral To FBI To Investigate Clinton Campaign

10-1-20 Mueller Part 11 302s Declassified

9-29-20 DECLASSIFIED Letter to Graham from DNI Ratcliffe - Russia Narrative 2016's%20Crossfire%20Hurricane%20Investigations_20-00912_U_SIGNED-FINAL.pdf

9-24-20 DECLASSIFIED - AG BARR letter to Graham w/ FBI Docs on Steele Subsource FISA 2009

9-24-20 DECLASSIFIED - Texts - Notes - Flynn Motion to Dismiss

9-23-30 Senate Finance Burisma Biden Probe

9-22-20 Kyle Rithouse - Truth in 11 Minutes- FightBack.Law

9-16-20 Declas All 4 FISA App were lies Carter Page -

9-14-20 Chinese Virologist Who Fled China Publishes Evidence COVID-19 Created In Lab

9-10-20 DECLAS Communications b/w Strzok Page - They wiped 31 phones of evidence

Pentagon & Defense Contractors Revolving Door Report

9-1-20 Declas Judicial Watch State Dept Docs Spying Ukraine

8-23-20 Declas FBI Briefing to Hillary Clinton

8-14-20 FBI Lawyer Kevin Clinesmith Indictment

8-9-20 2018 FBI Briefing Document - They Lied

7-30-20 Ghislaine Maxwell Unsealed 47 Attachments

7-23-20 DECLAS Joseph Pientka Briefing Document

7-17-20 Annotated Strzok NYT Strzok DECLAS

7-17-20 Steele Sub Source DECLAS - Sen Judiciary

7-17-20 Strzok FBI emails - Judicial Watch FOIA

7-10-20 Flynn Unsealed Exculpatory Evidence: Boente Notes +++

7-8-20 9/11 Truth In Depth Report on News Coverage of 9/11

7-2-20 DOJ Press Release: Ghislaine Maxwell Charges

6-25-20 Human Trafficking State Dept Report

6-24-20 Declassified Peter Strzok Notes

5-29-20 Declassified General Flynn / Kislyak Transcripts

5-27-20 Declassified FBI Document that Launched Crossfire Hurricane

5-19-20 Declassified Susan Rice E-Mail Targeting Michael Flynn

5-13-20 Declassified List of Unmaskings

5-7-20 Declassified 53 HPSCI Transcripts (Russia Investigation Testimonies)

4-30-20 Flynn: Exculpatory Evidence Unsealed - Filing

4-29-20 Flynn: Exculpatory Evidence Unsealed - Priestap Notes

Resignation List

How the Chinese Regime Colluded with WHO During the Pandemic: Infographic

Massive Dump Of Video Clips Documenting Looters And Violent Riots During George Floyd Protests

BOMBSHELL: Planned Parenthood officials admit under oath to selling aborted body parts

Transcript to Historical Trump Speech 6-1-20

FISA Abuse Timeline: Epoch

DHS Biodefense Lab Study

4-16-20 DECLAS FISA docs new

Mockingbird Media

Just The News John Solomon

Soros Ran American Organizations

CoronaVirus Zero Hedge

Clinton Foundation Pay2Play

China war on America Infographic

Space Race Infographic

Unlawful Spying FISA Infographic

Uranium One Scandal Infographic

Insurance Policy Infographic

Beyond the Memo Infographic

Awan Scandal Infographic




FBI Declassified 9/11


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